From Start Up To Sold Out - Martini & Slippers

Alex Mees

Hi, my name is Alex but you may also know me as Alex (ha ha) - ok...being serious now... Alex from Martinis & Slippers! 

What are you known for?
The way I look, the clothes I wear & my hair style. Martinis & Slippers has been around for 2 years now so I don't know if I have much of a following. People know my brooches but...maybe the Lolly Jar now? Oh the Gumball Machine Brooch & the Bubble O'Bill Brooch, I always get requests for that one.

What's your favourite piece that you've designed?
At this stage it's a toss up between the Popcorn Brooch & the Lolly Jar Brooch. I also have a soft spot for my first ever design and that was the Martini Cocktail brooch - it's so simple and I still just love it so much. I've made colour variations of it but my fav is the silver glitter with the little olive on it. Popcorn is awesome because it took me age to be really happy with the final look of it. I was inspired by a popcorn dress I have and every time I wore it I had no matching brooch. So in March this year I started mucking around with polymer clay to try & create the popcorn. I had designed the acrylic part & even when that was cut & ready to go I still wasn't happy with the popcorn kernels. I got there in the end and just love it and that each & every piece is an individual piece. The Lolly Jar brooch - crazy amount of detail but sooooo worth it. It's a really time consuming brooch to make & if it goes wrong it will be right at the end and nothing can be done to salvage it so..yeah it's hard throwing those into the bin.

What do you do when you have a creative block?
Drink cocktails, watch movies & read - all at the same time. LOL only joking. I had a massive block in Jan/Feb this year and I was totally flailing about woe is me style. I went to a few movies and just stopped thinking about brooches & BAM...popcorn brooch POPPED (ha ha) into my head.

Best compliment you've ever received?
Errr...ahhh....ummm...I suppose all of them! I get lots of strangers approaching me to tell me they like my dress or my hair or my style, so that's always really nice, especially because they don't have to but they really make the effort to speak to me. With my brooches...I actually have a little note on the wall of my studio that I got from an order I made to Louisa Camille that says "Absolutely love your work"...I got a big head when I received that!!! 

What other makers/creators do you admire?
Brooches: Kelly White - The Storybook Rabbit (cannot wait to finally meet her in Syd), Kirbee Lawler (again...only a few weeks until we meet), Jessica Davis - Winnifred's Daughter & of course Louisa Camille - Peppy Chapette oh and I can't forget Phoebe & Lauren Pinkstone from Deer Arrow.

Non Brooches: Shag (the Artist) - he is a painter, designer & illustrator from the US & I LOVE his mid-century illustrations. I also love Pete Cromer who is an Aussie designer & illustrator who has the most adorable resin budgies (always sold out!!) and his mix of Aussie bird prints & most recently his Aussie animal prints. His work is next on my list to add to my art collection.

Describe yourself in 5 words
Tired, Happy, Silly, Loyal & Dedicated.

You can invite 3 people living or dead to dinner, who would they be?
My Grandfather (now deceased), Wanda Sykes ( US Actress & Comedian - she makes me laugh so much) & of course Barack Obama - I would love to pick his brain 20 million questions, poor guy would never get to eat his meal. All 3 fabulously amazing people who have at one stage captured my heart & imagination - oh & they make me laugh.

What would your autobiography be called?
Acrylic Cocktail...nah...Don't Eat My Chocolate...or maybe Red Lips & Curvy Hips...ahhh. Oh man...?

What song/film/book do you wish you had written?
Game of Thrones - I'm seriously obsessed with the TV Show, I have read the books and I'm rewatching the series now. I love the twists and turns and absolute uncertainty with the lives of the characters. Throw in some fire breathing dragons & frozen undead dudes & it's just bloody brilliant. Speaking of bloody brilliant, the other book would be Harry Potter - such a simple beautiful idea that just grew into the most imaginative spellbinding (haa...see what I did there!!) story I have ever read. I cannot wait for my kids to pick it up & go through the same journey I went on. 

Favourite 90's jam?
Urrrghhhh I'm an 80's girl so Xanadu, I didn't answer the question did I? Ok...sigh..I went through my angry teenager stage during the 90's so anything Ice Cube did.