Meet the Makers - Kirbee Lawler

Kirbee Lawler

Hi, my name is Kirbee Lawler

What are you known for?
My brooches are inspired by superstition, luck, folklore antiques and bunnies. Each new range always tends to have themes that come back to these themes, so I guess that is what I could be known for?

What's your favourite piece that you've designed?

Each range I design is based around brooches that I really want to wear, so with each new range I tend to have a new favourite! I think my top two favourite brooches would have to be Sage Advice from my newest collection and the Crystal Ball from my Fortune Telling range. Both of those ideas were floating around in my head for quite a while before I made them, so I was excited to finally have them to wear!

What do you do when you have a creative block?
If I have a creative block I love to look through my collections of vintage scrapbooks and postcards for inspiration! I also find that not pushing things helps and that ideas will come when they are ready! I don’t often have creative blocks as I always have ideas running around in my head, but when they do happen I take it as a sign to take a break and work on something else! A good remedy for creative block is giving my bunny, Beatrix, a cuddle! She has often led me to new ideas!

Best compliment you've ever received?
I was in a supermarket last year and I had a red scarf tied in a bow in my hair. A little girl walked past and whispered to her Nan, “That lady looks like Snow White”. I thought it was really sweet and is not the first time I have has the Snow White reference! When I was in Japan I was called that a couple of times in one day!

What is/was your ultimate unicorn?
I collect vintage Bakelite Brooches and am lucky to now own my two ultimate unicorns. One is the Macarthur Heart brooch, which is a large red key with a heart dangling from it. The MacArthur Heart brooch featured on a cover of Life Magazine in the 1940’s when women were encouraged to donate their precious metal jewellery to help the war effort and wore large statement plastic jewellery instead. My other unicorn was a Bakelite hand brooch which I am now also lucky enough to own!

I love the stories attached to pieces like these, it is why I started collecting antique and vintage brooches!

What other makers/creators do you admire? 
I am very lucky to be surrounded by an amazing bunch of talented women who are doing amazing things. My best friend, Kelly, from the Storybook Rabbit always inspires me with her amazing creations, outdoing herself with cute each time! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to make anything cuter than her last creation, she does it again!

I am constantly blown away by the talent we have here in the brooch community in Australia, with makers like Louisa from Peppy Chapette as well as Alex from Martini and Slippers, who I am so excited to meet at the event!

Describe yourself in 5 words
Creative, loyal, caring, social and funny.

You can invite 3 people living or dead to dinner, who would they be?
This is a hard one! The first two are easy though, I’d invite my Nan who passed away a few years ago, there are so many things I want to share with her! And if my Nan was going to be there then my Mum would also have an invitation, I know how much she would love to see Nan again. The other guest would have to be Dolly Parton. I am sure she would have some tales to tell!

Last gift you gave someone?
It would have been one of my brooches I think! I recently met up with a friend from Instagram, we have been following each other for years and it was so nice to finally meet in person! I have her a brooch as a little reminder of our meeting!

What would your autobiography be called?

A life of Vintage, Dancing and Bunnies. I think that pretty much sums me up!

What song/film/book do you wish you had written?
This is an easy one! I wish I wrote Bridesmaids. There is rarely a day that it doesn’t get quoted!

What are you most excited for at Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Sydney?
I am so excited to meet the other makers and have a day filled with wonderful and creative people! Running a business mostly online means that you don’t get to have face to face meetings with the people that adopt my brooches, so it will be so nice to get to have chats with fellow brooch lovers!