Meet the Makers - Revere Folie


Hi, I am Angie but you may also know me as Revere Folie! 

How long have you been making brooches?

For two years Revere Folie has been me, it has been fun but busy!
Consequently, I recently begged my talented sister Georgina join me to
make a team of two! I do not have formal training but my wonderful Deer Arrow daughters have and continue to be my mentors.

What's your favourite piece that you've designed?

I am currently working on autumn pieces and I hope to take some to the
brooch day. My favourite pieces to make tend to be necklaces which I can
make more intricate due to size. I am loving everything floral at the moment ! My most popular pieces are flamingos and lighthouses

What are some of the challenges you face as a maker?

As a maker my biggest challenge is prioritising my workload. I tend to get sidetracked designing and trying prototypes!

What are you most excited for at Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane?

I simply cannot wait for the BLBDO, as I will finally get to meet so many
lovely people who I feel I already know and adore through social media

What would you like to ask the other panelists?

Jess: do you EVER sleep!!! You are always making the most amazing pieces,
going to markets and now sewing handkerchiefs!!!!

Lauren and Phoebe: can I borrow some gold acrylic and what are you making
me for lunch!