Meet the Makers -Winnifreds Daughter


Hi, my name is Jess but you may also know me as Winnifreds Daughter

My name is Jess and Winnifreds Daughter is my work, rest and play.  It is
my creative place, my confidence place and my safe place.  All of the
pieces you buy from my shop are made by me at my kitchen table in our
little home (which we call ‘The Nook’), on the beautiful Gold Coast.

How long have you been making brooches?
The Winnifreds Daughter Etsy shop opened its ‘doors’ in late 2010, but I didn’t start making brooches until 2012 (which were fabric and mixed media
based). I started adding wooden shapes to my pieces and then wanted to
try fully laser cut brooches (while still keeping mixed media components
here and there). My formal training after leaving school was in Film & TV
and subsequently make up artistry, but I truly believe that all creative
industries go hand in hand and I wouldn’t change one step of the process
that lead me to open my shop.

What's your favourite piece that you've designed?
With almost all of my pieces being inspired by a personal memory or experience, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I have to say that one I was truly the most excited to make was the giant ‘Lightening Ridge Opal’ brooch, with its lush gold flake and juicy glittery resin. As an artist there is nothing more rewarding than the tactile realisation of an idea, and this one turned out exactly as I’d hoped. It will always be a bit of a fave.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Most of my work is based on memories and experiences from my life. I feel like when inspiration comes from within it can guide you with the whole process, from design to colour choices, simply because, it’s all already there, you just need to refine it.

Which piece in your catalogue is your most popular/intricate/favourite to make etc?
A lot of my pieces involve copious amounts of hand painting and embellishing. One of the most intricate to paint is the ‘Birth of Monarch’, with all of its white butterfly wing details being painted by hand. The ‘Winnie’s Pet Shoppe Goldfish’ are the same. Anything with lots of pearls or gems also take a while, so the ‘Drifting Whales’ and ‘Lather and Bubble’ soap dishes are quite intricate and time consuming to make. It is the ones that take the longest, though, that are my favourites to make- the labour of love pieces are always the most satisfying when they’re finished. I never know which ones folks are going to love, so it’s always a nice surprise when I get positive feedback on new pieces. One of our
most popular designs last year was our Original Lustre ‘Kewpie Babe’ and
it’s so nice to come up with new versions of this brooch- which too have
been popular and that’s just amazing.

What are some of the challenges you face as a maker?
At the moment, one of the biggest challenges is making enough of each piece to satisfy demand (which is a wonderful challenge to have, and one that I would never complain about). Which each piece taking so long to make and me being a one woman show (with the exception of my Mum, who comes over to my place after work each day to help me peel components), doing large runs is very time consuming.  I’ve discovered though that that’s what people love about my work so for now it takes as long as it takes haha.

What are you most excited for at Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane?
The thing I am truly looking forward to most on the day is putting faces
to the names of all of our wonderful online customers.  I am just so
excited to meet everyone in person.