Baccurelli: Large Galea Zen Brooch

Baccurelli: Large Galea Zen Brooch

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Part 3/4 of the "Escape to Sage Mountain" series. Gaela Zen is an ancient fairy sage and sorceress, who guides twins Bella and Mooi to discover their true nature and walk with their head held up wherever the world may take them.

After a brief encounter with Ben Billows, Bella and Mooi are sent off to Gaela Zen, who shall bestow upon them the confidence they so desperately seek. After many treacherous hours of travel through the forests of Sage Mountain they finally reach Gaela. She immediately stops them and says "I've been expecting you". Her sweet face and angelic features are contrasted by her severe horns, sign of her warrior nature, emblems of a queen of confidence and strength. She comes close and with breath exploding of sweet nectar of roses, simply says "the confidence you seek cannot be given. You must earn it every day by doing something that you want, no matter how others feel about it". Bella and Mooi felt themselves changed here too with their souls rising and hearts growing stronger with each sage they encountered. "Now, off to your final stop, Miss Rouge, who shall remind you of the meaning of life". 

Dimensions: two brooches with two layers of 1/8 layered acrylic measuring aprox 4 x 4.3 inches each.

Original artwork by Baccurelli. Copyright 2016. Made in Los Angeles, USA.